.dogged~ A memoir of my journey to New Jersey's "Betsy's Law"  by Madeleine Kayser

New Jersey's Betsy's Law   

About Madeleine Kayser

I love all pets, particularly the Rottweiler.  I was born in Toms River, NJ and raised in Seaside Park, NJ by my parents "Butch" Colvin and Theresa Colvin.  My brother Dave is in Heaven with them.  I have a sister Gail, who lives in Seaside Park with her husband Bill.  They have two kids Billy and Madeleine (my namesake <3).  I am a true 'Jersey Shore' girl.  No, not that the television program 'Jersey Shore' girl, a real one.  None of those people that starred in that program are from here.  Just sayin'. 

I live in Toms River, NJ with my husband Scott, and our beloved  Rottweiler 'Peanut', Betsy's half sister.  Having her as a direct relative is very special too me.  That was a wink from God. Although she has her own unique personality, the way she barks, some markings and the clingy way she is to me is so much like Betsy it is miraculous. 

Scott is amazing as he puts up with me now, then, to the end as I continue my journey to tell the world, yes, you can fight city hall. And win. Don't let the anybody tell you it cannot be done. My story tells you how to do it. 

Floppy was sent to Heaven on November 2nd, 2015.  She was 13 years old.  

Peanut was sent to Heaven on April 3, 2017. She would have been 10 August 1, 2017.


Peanut enjoys the ride home on after swimming in the Barnegat Bay

Peanut, last summer enjoying the Jersey Shore's Barnegat Bay boat ride, 2015.

I get a kiss from Peanut <3.

Floppy and I summer of 2015

Floppy and I on our back deck Summer 2015.

Floppy enjoying the scene on the Jersey Shore's Barnegat Bay summer 2015.

Scott and I at the beach in Seaside Park, New Jersey

Scott and I at the Beach summer 2015.

Scotty and I fixing on a ride in his plane. As a Certified Flight Instructor..no thanks!