.dogged~ A memoir of my journey to New Jersey's "Betsy's Law"  by Madeleine Kayser

New Jersey's Betsy's Law   

                 Who is Nan Creighton?

     I met Nan Creighton, Missoula Montanta along with Pattie Dubea, Pineville, Louisiana on an app we all played together called Big Fish Casino.         This app is unique, and there is nothing else like it.  It has all kinds of casino games, but what makes it so awesome is it is actually a chat room as well.  During my darkest time I met these two ladies about seven years ago and we played together nightly.

    We all became very close friends and eventually, we swapped telephone numbers and became Facebook friends in the beginning of 2012.  I nearly passed out cold when I saw that Nan had been a Political Activist her whole life.  Patti is a retired registered nurse.  Back in 2013 after Hurricane Sandy, I asked Nan if she could help me fix this bill because dammit it wouldn't move.  Well - with her help on how to deal with my own legislators along with reaching out to the committees were Betsy's Law sat, it happened.  

     When my own legislator's Chief of Staff reached out to me stating that "there could be a problem", because of the NJVMA who helped me as well, she explained to me how to take the bull by the horns and how to compromise.  

     If it was not for her help, the bill would probably be re-introduced again, and die again.  I was telling Nan and Patti about what was going on as it went on, I said "This needs to be a movie! Like on Lifetime! This is outrageous!"  They encouraged me to write a book first.  So, I am doing that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invaluable time and help.  You guys taught me what tenacity really is.  

Nan went to be with the LORD on June 24th, 2015.  

I miss her and will I always remember her. Thanks Patti for all of your support as well.  AND. To our husbands that saw and see fire when we buy chips from Big Fish Casino - don't know if you'll ever stop seeing that fire because of the game we love. 

This is a game that so many people play,  I have met Nan here, Pattie, my gosh, Bren, in Missouri, Kel in Australia, Nolda in Holland, Rudy in New York. The list goes on.  So many from around the globe.  I am very grateful.  

Some people go to the bar, I go to Big Fish Casino if I am not going to Atlantic City.  

It's so much fun, and if it wasn't for this game, I  would have ever met Nan,  and Betsy's Law still might be floating around in Trenton.  Thank you Nan!  Thank you BFC for the fun for the last several years especially in my darkest moments!