.dogged~ A memoir of my journey to New Jersey's "Betsy's Law"  by Madeleine Kayser

New Jersey's Betsy's Law   


Here area a few pictures of Betsy's Law's signing.
A very, very special thanks to Dr. "Fritz" McHugh, VMD  of Coastal Veterinary in Toms River for his support from the very beginning.  Thank you for being HONEST TO YOUR CLIENTS FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! 

NJ's Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno signs "Betsy's Law" on September 15, 2015.

New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno 
speaks to the press about the importance of "Betsy's Law".

My dear friend Jimmy Sundberg speaks with Lt. Governor Guadagno.  Jimmy and I go way back to 1970, Kindergarten at Seaside Park Elementary School.

New Jersey's Governor Kim Guadagno converses with Dr. "Fritz McHugh", owner of Coastal Veterinary in Toms River about "Betsy's Law".  Dr. "Fritz" and his wife Amy have backed me from the very beginning, in 2007.  Thank you Doctor for your support during my journey, and being the best veterinarian one could ever have.  All veterinarians should be like you! 

I speak for pets, poor furbabies cannot talk!  

Scott flew us into Trenton-Mercer Airport in his Cessna 172  then we caught a cab to watch and see if Betsy's Law clears the house. 

Yes, yes, YES!