.dogged~ A memoir of my journey to New Jersey's "Betsy's Law"  by Madeleine Kayser

New Jersey's Betsy's Law   

Pet loss. It's a heartache.

Pet loss, and pet grief. A tip.

Pet Loss. Pet Grief. Pet Grieving. It sucks.

My sincere deepest condolences. 

I want you all to know I am so very sorry for the loss or pet illness of your beloved pet, your fur baby, your family member, your friend. Nobody can describe your pain, not even me. I do know the pain. It's debilitating. I want to try and help you. This site helped me tremendously. I'm not advertising for petloss.com. I reached out to them to no avail but they do know how painful it is. My personal disclaimer to petloss.com I did ask via Facebook messenger. But this hurting person needs support. And you can be the one to do it. If you are hurting, go there. Please go now. God bless, again my deepest sympathy to you and your loved ones.
                                Madeleine Kayser

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